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Facial Treatments


Enjoy a treatment tailored to your specific skin concerns or conditions.
This deeply exfoliating treatment can help restore and strengthen skin. Hydrodermabrasion's advanced exfoliating tip, smooths the skin by removing spent skin cells and brightening the complexion.
A customised solution is infused to treat specific skin conditions including; ageing, pigmentation or congestion. Skin is clear, smooth and luminous.
Lunch time Hydro
Essential Hydro
This includes a customised facial mask, foot or scalp massage and a facial massage


Rezenerate NanoFacial is the newest skin care modality on the market today bringing you the same great results as more invasive systems without any of the negatives. 
  • Fine lines and other signs of aging skin
  • Blemishes or other skin imperfections
  • Sunspots and age spots
  • Oily or overly dry skin
  • Uneven skin tone and texture
Rezenerate Basic
Rezenerate Basic (4pack)
Rezenerate + 1 enhancement
Rezenerate + 1 enhancement (4pack)
Rezenerate + 2 enhancements
Rezenerate + 2 enhancements (4pack)

LED Light Therapy

Express LED
LUX intense radiance


Bliss Refreshing Facial (45min)
  • Serenity Time
  • Professional Skin Analysis
  • Double Cleanse 
  • Stimulating Exfoliation & Customised Mask
  • Foot & Leg Massage

Total Bliss Essential Facial (60min)
Also includes:
  • Bliss Facial Massage
  • Revitalising Foot/Leg Massage
Total Bliss Ultimate Facial (90min)
Also includes: 
  • Back Massage
  • Double layered Pro Treatment Mask
  • Hand Treatment

Oxygen Treatment

Oxy Lift (45mins)
Oxy Lift (75mins)
Oxy Lift (45mins) Package (x 5)
Oxy Lift (75mins) Package (x 5)

Epidermal Leveling

Epidermal Levelling (45mins)
A painless and very effective clinical treatment to exfoliate, smooth bumps, removes fine facial hair, leaving your skin super smooth, fresh and naturally glowing. Starting at $99.

Skin Needling

Skin Needling (45mins)
Get ready to reap massive anti-ageing and rejuvenation benefits! Skin needling encourages collagen and elastin production through the skin's natural healing process. You can expect results in the reduction of fine lines and pigmentation, a natural filler effect, acne scar improvement and more! Your skin will feel tighter, firmer and refreshed.


HydraBeauty is an invigorating deep cleansing and refining facial treatment.  In 3 powerful steps the HydraBeauty facial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities, while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturising serums. The treatment is soothing refreshing, non irritating and immediately effective.
Cleanse & Peel / Extract & Hydrate / Fuse & Protect

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