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Massage & Body Treatments

Total Bliss Signature Massage
Designed to work into the muscles and release tension. Experience the effects of our body scrub and kunzea muscle balm on your back
~ 60min - $95
~ 75min - $115
Relaxation Massage
A gentle relaxing massage for mind body soul
~ Relaxing 1/2 Body Massage (25 min) - $45
~ Relaxing Full Body Massage (50min) - $70
~ Relaxing Full Body Massage (75min) - $95
Hot Stone Massage
Specialty massage using smooth heated stones. a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage whereby the heat helps to release tight muscles.
~ 60min Hot Stone Massage - $95
~ 90min Hot Stone Massage - $120
Pregnacy Massage
Relaxing Massage using our pregnancy cushion so you can once again relax on your stomach. Safe for both mother and baby. Only recommended in 2nd & third trimester
~ 50min - $75
Full Body Scrub
Full body exfoliation and polish to remove & smooth skin. Finishing with body butter application.
~30min - $65
Full Body Wrap

A warm customised body mask is applied & you are wrapped in natural cloth for warmth. A facial massage for relaxation. Application of body butter
1hour - $70

Combined Body Scrub & Wrap - $140
Ear Candling
Removes excessive ear wax, may also help relieve sinusitus, congestion, headaches & swimmers ear.
~ $45
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