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Pure Fiji
Pure Fiji

For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturize and beautify both skin and hair. Pure Fiji brings you the best of these traditional blends for today's natural bath and body care. Discover intensive hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing hand made soaps and fresh sugar scrubs that will get your skin glowing.
We would feel it impossible to maintain the enthusiasm we have for our product range, were we not convinced and assured that our product was of good quality.... but more than that - something special. A unique product, bringing a timeless secret of well being and health to our customers. 

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Jane Iredale
Jane Iredale

Quality formulas with skin care benefits.We use the highest quality ingredients available to ensure satisfaction with performance, coverage, application and texture. Our minerals conform to the most current technology available that ensure broad spectrum sun protection. Our attention to quality extends to the vitamins and antioxidants we use which are pharmaceutical grade and certified organic where available.

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The Ultraderm skin care range offers an intensive collection of active, result driven skin care products to suit all skin types. Full of the highest quality in anti-oxidants, exfoliants, nourishing natural ingredients and our flagship Apple Stem Cells, the range incorporates retail product for home use and an intensive in-salon treatment selection.

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Li'tya Logo Black

LI’TYA, means ‘Of the Earth’, and is a unique range of skin, hair and body products based on Indigenous Australian plants and the principles of modern and Indigenous herbalism and aromatherapy.
LI’TYA products are formulated using sustainably wild harvested, pure Australian botanicals and organic ingredients.
The native Australian ingredients in the LI’TYA range have some of the most potent botanicals available. Wild Rosella, Lemon Myrtle, Cherry Alder and Quandong are exceptionally high in Vitamin C, exfoliating fruit acids and natural antioxidants. Old Man Weed helps to encourage cell renewal and regeneration. Hematite assists to fight free radicals, and is said to improve the density and firmness of skin.
Vitamins A and E and proteins are sourced from oils including Macadamia, Carrot and Avocado, while Munthari Berry contains a naturally protective wax, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

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